About Petroleum Landman School

Petroleum Landman School is considered by many as the the nation's leading field landman school. Founded by David Melton. Petroleum Landman School has proudly served hundreds of students over the years and has developed comprehensive courses and workshops in multiple states.


Our mission is to provide expert education resources for the landman industry.


David Melton

David Melton, RPL

Founder, Sole Owner, Author of Courses, and Instructor

Mr. David Melton is the Founder and CEO of the Petroleum Landman School, LLC and has over 34 years experience in the oil and gas industry. He has worked both as an ’in-house’ landman and as a contract field landman. He has held the offices of V.P. of Land, later promoted to President of an exploration company based in southern Florida, and owned and operated a landman brokerage firm in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. In addition, Mr. Melton has drilled, owned, and operated wells in Oklahoma, Texas, and California until moving back to Oklahoma City. He has recently held the offices of general manager of a large landman brokerage firm based in Oklahoma City.

Member, American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), Oklahoma City Association of Petroleum Landmen (OCAPL)


Gary Beard

Gary Beard, CPL


Mr. Gary Beard has over 34 years experience in the oil and gas industry, beginning as a field landman. He also held the positions of Staff Landman, and District Landman. Also he has served as Vice President of Land for 3 exploration companies, one of which was a publicly traded company. Mr. Beard was also a joint owner in a landman brokerage company serving independent oil and gas producers in Oklahoma and Texas and was the General Manager of a landman brokerage firm in Grand Junction, Colorado. Until recently, he was Senior Land Manager for the Texas market for Capital Land Services, Inc. Gary is currently independent and teaches for the Petroleum Landman School.

Reasons to Choose Petroleum Landman School

  • The courses are designed for use in all states.
  • Our instructors are veteran, working landmen with over a combine 70 years experience.
  • The classes include how to calculate and work with Working Interest and Net Revenue Interest and understand how they pertain to ownership in wells and leasehold interests.
  • The classes show how to negotiate an oil and gas lease and the different components of the oil and gas lease.
  • The classes enhance your ability to chain mineral title and to take advantage of the methods used in doing so.



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